Nivedita Chakravorty, An Eminent Hindi Poetess & Indian Author

Nivedita Chakravorty is a kind of writer who cannot be defined in a single sentence. She is an Award-Winning Poetess of Hindi Literature and the author of an exceptional poetry book called “Mere Hisse Ke Noor”. Furthermore, she is the fountainhead of Anugoonj, a flourishing literature community. From a social worker to a woman who shattered the corporate glass ceiling for decades, Nivedita Chakravorty is a dynamic force. 

Demonstrating an inexplicable flair for diverse forms of literature, Nivedita Chakravorty writes stories, singles, essays and articles alongside hindi poetry. In her book, “Mere Hisse Ke Noor”, she has compiled the best of her verses from childhood to the current age, to serve her readers gems disguised as poems. These gems tend to evoke a tear among readers now and then, for reasons both poignant and gratifying.

Our gifts follow us wherever we go. Even in her 27 years long professional career in life insurance companies, Nivedita Chakravorty continued to receive reputed awards for her hindi poetry writing, which she had been winning since school days. In the annual Inter-State Competition of Nagar RajBhasha Karyanvayan Samiti where representatives from all Public Sector Undertaking Companies used to participate, she was nominated to appear by LIC of India. Every year, she used to win and got recognized for her extraordinary words.  

Author Nivedita Chakravorty has been a frequent guest visitor for All India Radio. In her school and college days, she was regularly invited to recite her poems for All India Radio Najibabad. A few years later while working in Delhi, she recited her hindi poetry for All India Radio Delhi as well. Various magazines and national newspapers have also been graced by her hindi poetry. Recently, she gave a biographical interview at All India Radio Delhi in 2019. 
Further expanding her literary service, the writer established a literature community called “Anugoonj” in 2019. She is bringing a revolution by uniting all the Hindi, English, Urdu writers and poets in this community. Within a very short span of time, Anugoonj has four thousand members, with people joining from within India as well as abroad. Woman Influencer, Nivedita Chakravorty has hosted Padma Shri Awardee Shri Surendra Sharma, famous satirist hindi poet (Hasya Kavi) Shri Arun Gemini and social activist Shri Ravi Kalra.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Nivedita Chakravorty regularly contributed essential articles on environment, tobacco,etc. to well read hindi blogs like Amar Ujala. She even shared motivational videos of herself talking about life goals, core values of life, the element of life and likewise. Simultaneously, the Hindi writer has also interviewed numerous personalities to encourage diverse conversations of substance. 

To conclude, Nivedita Chakravorty demonstrates the inspiring fusion of literature and service. Her journey is one of quiet passion, one which emerges not through instant exhibition, but through gradually unfolding one’s existence in a certain direction. The Woman Influencer, Nivedita Chakravorty’s message to the world is-

“Regardless of the blows life triggers in our way, we can achieve anything, as long as we remember to focus, stay confident and have clarity in our visions. One can start chasing their dreams at any stage of life.”  

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