The mysteries beyond

| Writer – Sanvi Arora | A thousand fantasies, a million theories, each more bizarre than the last and yet the universe surprises us more and more every day. There’s something alluring in the very fabric that makes space, it calls to me in a melody no one else seems to hear. The feeling ofContinue reading “The mysteries beyond”

Abandoned Warehouse

| Writer – Deepti Agrawal | She felt a throbbing pain in her shoulder.  She tried to open her eyes but couldn’t. They were swollen. Her lips were bruised and she could taste stale blood. She could tell it was blood since she was familiar with this metallic taste now. The only sense that workingContinue reading “Abandoned Warehouse”

Mind over Matter

| Writer – Bhupender Tiku | “And you…when will you begin that long journey into yourself?”  Rumi Since times immemorial, human beings have tread upon the path of steady progression. The only cognitive faculty that has remained as a constant companion with them during this long journey is their MIND. The long sojourn, starting fromContinue reading “Mind over Matter”

The Road to Accepting Yourself: The Secret to a Better World

| Writer – Akshita Chauhan | Since the origin of mankind, competition in every field is evident. It has spread from strength and power, to beauty and elegance. Beauty, an aspect that was considered to be calm and soft, is now a battlefield that has given rise to demons like body shaming. Such demons prevailContinue reading “The Road to Accepting Yourself: The Secret to a Better World”

Getting Our Priorities Right

| Writer – Shibani Chakravorty | Hello, those who have been lost in the fog of allure. I was just going through the news and I came across some really disappointing things. Not like it is something new, whenever you pick up the newspaper or go to a news website you’re sure to find multipleContinue reading “Getting Our Priorities Right”