Independence Day

| Poet – Madhu Khare |

August 15, 2020
Feeling free as a bird on this Independence Day,
Reflecting while chirping & soaring high in the midday.

As we soar higher and higher touching the tip of the hill,
The sun is turning pale & rays are becoming still.

Relishing the magnificent view from up the hill,
Feels like time stopped suddenly in solace & thrill.
Even wind is carrying the clouds in celebration,
The Stars are twinkling & blessing India in appreciation.

Wondering, if ancestors had never fought for nation’s liberty,
What life would be like with no freedom while in captivity!
With freedom, words such as captivity and bondage have no place in mind,
With your intellect and pride keep marching ahead in stride.

Let’s pay heartfelt tribute to Gandhi, Patel, Nehru, Bose & the brave shaheed,
Praise Gandhi’s unique Satyagrah movement that was peaceful indeed.

Folks! They gave us this freedom to fulfill their vision,
Let’s build together a new horizon beyond anyone’s imagination.

Hoist the tiranga flag in honor of this special day,
Thou shall be the envy, of the whole world, one day.

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