Independence Day

| Poet – Nivedita Srivastava |

Ours is a country of great diversity 
Of so much natural beauty and serenity 
It’s a land of different castles and religions
 But we all live in unison 
Ours is a land of saints and sages
We are known for our bravery since ages
We are a nation which is free
We proudly say this with glee
But remember, this was not so some decades ago
It was to the British, our freedom we had to forego
For almost two centuries we were enslaved 
For freedom and independence we craved
Indians and dogs not allowed 
Such banners placed by the British 
Were so horrible they made us squirm
Such was the shame and humiliation 
That a flame was lit within few Indians who craved for a free nation 
Thus rose the Indian National Movement 
Leaders emerged to guide us to freedom 
They had only one dream of freedom which they wanted to come true 
For this goal they strived their whole life through 
Nehru, Patel Tilak, to name a few
All strived to make the goal of freedom come true
 Then,rose a man of great stature
 Our Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi,our benefactor 
The freedom struggle gathered momentum
 From a few it became a complete mass movement 
Civil Disobedience, Non violence to Quit India Movement
The Indians strived towards the goal of complete Independence 
Let us not forget Martyrs like Bhagat Singh,Rajguru and Sukhdev
Who laid their lives for freedom, they were so brave 
Love for freedom of some has left us all blessed
 We are now citizens of a free nation, no longer stressed 
So let us pledge not to let their efforts go to waste 
Let us not let our country’s peace and unity, break in haste
Let’s make our nation strong
 Build amongst us an unbreakable bond
Today we can proudly stand up and say
A very happy Independence Day!!

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