Mother Earth

| Poet – Bhupendra |

In the Garden of Eden innocence was pronounced
Rules of purity being clearly announced
Pleasure, offered as a choice , became lethal 
And from being sublime, man became a mortal
Of all the species he was supreme 
Yet chose to be brutal
More than the act
Thought remains venomous 
With glorified acceptance 
Being suicidal and murderous

Ask I,,
O the historian 
How could you miss the misery of Alexanders horses
And the cries of flora fauna deafening his courses
Sailors and warriors
Exploits being written in golden words
An organized silence 
On the chasm of life being put to swords

O the scientist
Why did you degrade inventions
For winning the bloody wars
And now, sob you must, 
At the deeply scathing scars 

O the emperor 
Your greatness mocks at you
Stand you alone in the grandeur of doom
Celebrate the victory, you shall
with no survivors only gloom

O Rama
The golden deer like a muse Has reincarnated proudly prancing 
As Mother Sita(Earth) is shackled, For pure Oxygen painting

O Man
Shun..To own the earth for cosmetic unending need
Shun..To ascend the throne of the Gruesome greed 
Shun..To make the oceans cold and skies murky
Shun..To fill this paradise with toxins deadly

Till then ..
How can we celebrate 
the festivals of light
Until the stars 
Again twinkle shining bright 
Until this planet
Reflects its serene blues
And The Mother Earth Regains her green hues

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