| Poet – Gurbakhshish Singh |

Listen to the gushing thunder

of the ice shattering in the Arctic

Listen to the simmering pain

of the oceans burdened with more water and surging

Try listening to the voice of the water supply 

with air sucked in the pipeline

And then listen to the rapid heartbeat

of the anxious people who haven’t got enough in their buckets

Try digging the soil of the land of 5 rivers, 

where 3 decades ago, you could see the sweet elixir 6 feet underground

Get your technologies and get your tube wells

at 200 feet below, it’s now nowhere to be found

Listen to the whining growl of the animals 

thrown out of their homes

And look at us bullies that we also have the audacity

to make a circus out of them

Listen to the forest cry 

as we cut its arteries and veins with a chainsaw 

how shamelessly we try to wash the stains

of the blood on our hands but it always remains

Listen to the fall of the tree and your lungs gasping for air

for one day you will forget how your heartbeat used to sound

coz all you will hear is the buzzing noise of an oxygen concentrator

Listen to the viscous rivers

gripped to the ground 

who apathetically crawls to meet the ocean stinking

with a wish, she could all turn it around

Cracks in the barren drought land of Maratha, 

dust storms in Aravalli,

the black snow of glaciers in the Himalayas,

they are all speaking

but all we could listen is babbling politicians

trying to make sense out their hollow will and empty courage

It’s the hottest after the hottest after the hottest years we have seen

Listen before the flood or the cyclone or a torrential rain

Listen before it’s too late and it all goes to vain

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