Abandoned Warehouse

| Writer – Deepti Agrawal |

She felt a throbbing pain in her shoulder.  She tried to open her eyes but couldn’t. They were swollen. Her lips were bruised and she could taste stale blood. She could tell it was blood since she was familiar with this metallic taste now.

The only sense that working was her smell. Ahaa! She could smell the petrichor surrounding her nostrils. She could even smell the greens. Her senses were getting acute as now she could hear the rustling of the leaves. The leaves seemed to be dancing in the air.

Her stomach growled. But, where was she? She tried to open her eyes again, only to find herself in a strange old warehouse. She could see a big spider feasting on a cockroach on a web hanging just above her head. How did she come here?

Somewhere, she could hear the sound of someone cooking. She could smell the divine aroma of delicious fritters and it made her stomach growl.

She tried to focus on her thoughts. She needed to use a washroom but she couldn’t move. “Ahhhhhhh!” she shrieked in pain as she tried. She felt a shooting pain in her shoulder, she thought it must be broken for sure. . There were many cracks in the metallic sheet walls of the warehouse.

‘Warehouse. Old warehouse! What am I doing here?”

Somewhere outside she heard a gunshot. And she couldn’t hold her bladder any longer. Drip! Drip! Drip! Water trickled down close to her feet from the roof. Her feet were soaked.

‘Grumble! Grumble!’ her stomach growled again.

“This is no time to think about hunger. I need to get up and find help first” she thought.

She tried to screamed loudly for help and realised her voice was stuck in her throat. Even her throat was hurting. There was blood all over her body.

“How I am still alive with so much blood? Wish I could find some help!”

Suddenly it was as if heaven opened its doors, and poured water on her. She shrieked and jumped up to sit upright in a flash of a second.

Two eyes were looking deeply at her holding an empty bucket. ”What do you think you are? A one year old who does not know where to urinate?” her mom screamed.

“Mom is that you?  Am I alive? Ehh.. was I dreaming again Mom?” she asked lifting the laptop from her feet and wiped the dried saliva from the corners of her mouth. She trotted towards the bathroom dripping.

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