Mind over Matter

| Writer – Bhupender Tiku |

“And you…when will you begin that long journey into yourself?” 


Since times immemorial, human beings have tread upon the path of steady progression. The only cognitive faculty that has remained as a constant companion with them during this long journey is their MIND. The long sojourn, starting from the early stone age to the contemporary age has only been possible through the sharpening of their rough mental and psychological edges. It has been a long and winding journey.

Mind evolution

One of the most amazing attributes of a human being’s evolution remains centered around the evolution of the human mind. As they progressed through the tribal pastoralist wandering age to more stable agrarian times, the mind evolved to find more tools for survival and this continues to the present satellite age. This could not have been possible without a streak of rebellion against the norms, revolting against a set of preconceived notions and idiosyncratic pursuits.

Complexity of Mind

Complexity of the human mind remains the most ambiguous faculty. The predicaments and contradictions surmount the desire. Humans are made to seek and give love, yet the unknown gruesome thoughts from the abyss of the mind darken the persona. A weird unwanted shroud, a façade, or a veil proclaims the mystery of behaviors and inconsistencies of thought and action. This persistence remains a colossal dilemma and an unsolved puzzle till the present day.

Religion… the Search Within

The most ethereal endeavour of the human race remains to be introspection, while resting the unquenchable urge of the mind to explore further. Since a few millennia, the advent of religion and its manifestations impacted the human mind hugely. The predominant religious philosophy gave an exemplary perspective to the human race with edicts, norms, values which govern their lives. The journey of religion presents a painful distortion of a sacrosanct theology to highly parochial, divisive and destructive ritualistic practices.

Religion has been the most misconstrued and grossly mis-interpreted philosophy, throughout its evolution. The rapidly changing lifestyle has polarised religious practices to mere ritualisations. The multi-polarity coupled with the strong force of clergy is leaving an indelible imprint on the society; which causes a diabolical hypocritical stance.

Our recent history remains a testimony to the massive carnage and violence committed against innocents in the name of upholding the purity of race. Hitler’s Aryan purity pitted against the Jews is a case of annihilation in the name of belief.

Today, the world is seized of human subjugation in the name of religion with an alarming pan global presence. The fires of violence are ready to flare up. The day won’t be far when this blue planet would turn into a fiery Mars.

To add, the sectarian mindset of caste, region, language etc. are making the scenario highly inflammable.

Sanity and collective insight that should decimate the very epicentre of this destructive phenomenon, is solely the force that emanates from within the mind. The only way to solace is in being the seeker and the witness instead of being an enforcer. The eclectic applications of the human mind shall prevail and remain a guiding light for our progeny. Yet, for that the most super emergent need is to unravel the mysteries from within and take the ultimate journey to explore a bright kaleidoscopic world of co-existence and peace.

5 thoughts on “Mind over Matter

  1. By constantly challenging and revolting, we have forgotten how to remain at ease with differences and with the mysteries of the universe. I think the day we start accepting our fallacies and ignorance within and with-out, we will start becoming better and more humble human beings. Very well articulated and thought-provoking…

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