The Road to Accepting Yourself: The Secret to a Better World

| Writer – Akshita Chauhan |

Since the origin of mankind, competition in every field is evident. It has spread from strength and power, to beauty and elegance. Beauty, an aspect that was considered to be calm and soft, is now a battlefield that has given rise to demons like body shaming. Such demons prevail not just in the world, but also in our homes. This has made it difficult for people to accept themselves. 

We keep comparing ourselves to others not realising that every individual is unique and different. In the last few decades, the definitions of beauty have evolved. From cinching waists to fuller lips, it is now restricted to just a pretty face and thin body. 

But the most important aspect of beauty that everyone has ignored, is a kind heart. The trends on social media have made us blind towards true beauty. Fuller lips, a size-zero figure and perfectly shaped legs are not enough to define beauty. What makes us beautiful is our mind, our heart, how we treat others and how compassionate we are towards those who are devoid of status and stature. 

As Lara Dutta once said ‘no one will remember if your nails were painted or which dress or you wore, but they will surely remember how you treated them.’ We need to bring a change in our thought process and outlook to understand that darker skin, thinner lips, plump body and an imperfect smile is also beautiful. What we think about others is a representation of what we are on the inside. 

The influence of different trends on us has been so massive that we are ready to spend large amounts of money to look ‘pretty’, with no willingness to work on who we are on the inside. The need to accept ourselves has increased, and is at its peak today. Because if we don’t accept ourselves, then we will jeopardize the beauty in us. 

Every person is beautiful, every body is beautiful. What we need to discover that beauty is a beautiful perspective. We try to find love in life when we are unable to love our own selves. How can we love someone else if we cannot love the body we were born in? 

In 1878 when Margaret Hungerford said ‘beauty is in the eyes of beholder’, little did she know that this quote would be relevant even after a century. The world can be a much better place if we change our perspective. When people are faced with problems, some approach it as an opportunity to become better than before while others find it depressing. Some people feel that a lotus flower can clear the muddiest of waters, while others find it dirty because it grows in mud. 

The only difference is how we look at the present situation. We can find even the smallest things beautiful if our heart is full of compassion. Everyday, make it a goal to work on yourself to become a better and kinder person and you’ll find that world will become a better place.

25 thoughts on “The Road to Accepting Yourself: The Secret to a Better World

  1. We all make mistakes…but if one accepts that and start valuing the emotions of the people around them, then I guess it’s amazing…Life is all about a second chance!

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  2. This is so true. We often forget who we are for some transitory things, which get faded with time, whereas being our own self is what remains with us at the end of the day.❤

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  3. Aye ! Completely agree with your thoughts Akshita ! Its commendable of you to grab a topic we’all deal with but hardly ever come up openly about- our insecurities , our physical looks etc. Keep it up!!

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  4. The beauty of this article is that writer is very young but she is giving a big message. Being yourself is a big lesson, people, generally, are not able to understand this in their entire life.

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