Getting Our Priorities Right

| Writer – Shibani Chakravorty |

Hello, those who have been lost in the fog of allure.

I was just going through the news and I came across some really disappointing things. Not like it is something new, whenever you pick up the newspaper or go to a news website you’re sure to find multiple disgraceful articles. But it bothers me even more today since it is four in the morning and this is the first stuff in my mind. Let’s face it, even you’re reading this but wouldn’t be bothered a few minutes later. However, I am an annoying piece of society. I would do whatever it takes to make you feel concerned for certain things which are entirely wrong in the place where we live. So, the first thing I’d ask you to do for that is open the news feed of your social networking website in one tab, and some real news website in the next. You’ll see two different worlds. One in which we are virtually living, and the one where we really reside but have no clue about. Yes, wake up. We don’t live in a place where everyone goes for a brunch on Sunday or can party on a Friday. Instead, we live where a poor child has to run after us to sell one local packet of pens, to make some small money and fill his or her stomach. We live in a place where some men who look just like every other face, go home and treat their wives like slaves. We reside in a place so much different than the one where we live, a utopia. We see fun fests, glamorous parties, gigs and well built gyms all around us. But if we stay attentive, without letting the reality get filtered while it reaches our brain, on our way to the gym we might find a dismal little pig with a paralyzed leg, whimpering in agony.

And maybe, just maybe, we would stop one day and try to comfort that piglet, despite of its dirt and smell, and give it some food. Maybe someday, sitting and talking to that poor little kid about the story of his life would be more pleasing to us than posting a picture on social media. Maybe someday, we would finally get our priorities right.

8 thoughts on “Getting Our Priorities Right

  1. Before lockdown, My friend and I used to go to this tea vendor almost everyday for tea/omelette.. its nearby to the place where I live. Just a couple of weeks ago, i saw his shop lessened to ruins.. i clicked the pic and sent it to my friend and told him I feel bad. Honestly, I did not know much what to do with this bad feeling I had. But my friend, who saw the pic, immediately contacted the Tea vendor and asked him if he needs any financial help. That time he refused. But just 3-4 days ago, he called him and told that he has ran out of his savings and would like some help. My friend called me and we decided to contribute 2k each so he could sustain his family for at least a month. Since that day, the bad feeling I had is gone.
    I absolutely agree with your point that if we start being little attentive and aware of what’s happening around, we will realize how different is the reality of some people, especially who are underprivileged and how much we can help them with smallest of our efforts.

    Beautiful article portraying different realities… 💥 well done!

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    1. That’s a very relevant anecdote, and shows how we can genuinely help the underserved. I totally agree that conversations are just a beginning but we need to go beyond sympathy and be instrumental to the world. Thanks for reading and sharing your perspective 🙂

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  2. I completely agree with you. This article is need of time. In this lockdown period everyone should take care of their maids, car cleaner, Gardener, at least a little helping hand, one call whether they are alright. Empathy is self born seed, it can’t be cultivated.

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